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    1. Individuals & Families

    We know that navigating the sea of nonprofit opportunities out there can be overwhelming and that you want your donation to reach its highest potential. At FCI our team can help craft solutions for your particular family needs.

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    2. Impact Giving Circles

    Stronger Together, that is our mantra at FCI and its the driving force behind our mission. Whether you envision a giving circle, an impact group or a more complex collective funding structure, FCI's mission is to help you accomplish yours.

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    3. Corporations

    Conscious Capitalism is at the forefront of our advisory services to the for profit sector. From crafting employee engagement & volunteer strategies to managing a corporate foundation, our team is here to help your company with its strategic philanthropy.

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    4. Foundations

    Foundations are the core funders in our communities & our work at FCI is to use our resources & experience to craft innovative solutions that leverages philanthropy's potential. With a focus on facing issues upstream we manage multi foundation collectives to deliver greater impact to the nonprofits in your community.

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